Planning a Seed Ball Event

Schools, Nature Centers, and Fairs

How fun… you’re thinking of having seed balls for your event! We hear from a lot of folks who are doing this and they report back that everyone had a lot of fun. Here are some different options to make it more successful.

The Whole Deal Option

Some events have just a few kids and green education is the focus. Maybe it’s a scout meeting, or a lab exercise for home school students, or small classroom. Why not start from scratch? Clay, compost, seeds, water, a place to make a mess- and it will be kinda messy – and some clean up is all you need. You can learn about composting, perennials, native ecosystems or veggies, germination – all kinds of good stuff.

The Quick and Not Dirty Option

Have throngs of chatty crowds that you want to introduce to seed balls, but who may not want to get their hands dirty? Why not give them a few to throw? Some events have people make a wish for the environment upon throwing, others have people make a thought in remembrance of someone as they throw. This is a very simple easy way to introduce people to seed balls.

The Fun, Fast, Hands-On Option

By starting with pre-mixed matrix, people can have the experience of enveloping a seed in clay and sowing it, without the larger and sometimes time-consuming mess of mixing the clay and  compost. You’ll need:

  • Seeds*
  • Matrix*
  • Seed cups and tools for working with any tiny seeds*
  • Some examples of the right size seed balls*
  • A work table and any interprative information that ties the seed balls into your event.
  • Paper cups and a stapler to carry the wet seed balls home, or a place to sow them (They don’t need to dry before they are sown.)
  • A way to wash hands (a bucket of water to rinse and some alcohol lotion, or wet-wipes are good for outdoor events)

(*The green items are all included in our seed bomb kits . Even just the Matrix is a big help!)

Even a tot can make a seed ball in just a minute or so. You can have large numbers of people participate in the activity, without a huge mess or commotion. Very cool!

Any questions? We’d love to help out!

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