Seed Balls for Kids

Get 'em playing in the soil.

Get ’em playing in the soil.

Thinking about introducing your kiddo into the wonderful world of gardening? Fantastic idea! Seed balls can help to make it a fun and meaningful experience. Here are some things that my son and the kids in the neighborhood have enjoyed.

For the Fearless

Make them from scratch. If you’re having trouble rounding up supplies locally, we have some great seed bomb supplies.

There’s a lot of learning your child can do here. From soil science, to plant biology and sustainable living: be braced for some questions! There’s a lot of information on our website to help you make it the best experience for your child. Have fun!


Making your own seed balls is fun, and our Matrix makes it not too messy!

Low “Ick Factor” Experience

Making seed balls couldn’t be easier and less icky with our pre-mixed matrix. It’s super easy to shape, has no recognizable chunks of compost and no foul odor. And it is certainly not a big dirty mess.

Easy being Green – and Quick!

Some kids just do better with ‘quick and dirty’ activities. Here are some seed balls that can be tossed on the soil in the spring or summer that will provide a reasonably quick sprout for your fast-paced (and perhaps impatient) young’un. No stratification or long wait through winter is needed for these species.


Black Oil Sunflowers

California Poppy

California Poppy





For the Teen Rebel

seedlingGlobeGuerrilla gardening with native species is a fairly acceptable way for your teenager to blow off some anti-social steam. Have them choose some species from our shop using the native species map tool. When the ‘teen spirit’ moves them, send them out for a walk: they can load up their pockets with seed balls and toss them in ditches to pacify environmental carnage and their stormy soul.

I can help!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or ideas. As a parent, I appreciate your efforts to incorporate green activities into your child’s experience.

~Dr. Blake Ketchum

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