Seed Balls for Seniors

I’m not unique in that I’m looking forward to more time in my garden as the years pass. As I approach the big 50, my eyes struggle managing small seeds and my hands and back are stiff much of the time; I’ve come to have a mixed relationship with my garden.

Seed balls offer many solutions to issues of gardening as a senior.

  • Seed balls are easy to see and handle.
  • You don’t need to bend over to plant them, just drop and press into moist soil with your foot.
  • They can be purchased in many garden favorites.
  • You can make them with your own heirloom seeds
  • You can make them at a table without catching a chill or over heating outdoors
  • Our matrix can be gently warmed in warm water to have a therapeutic effect on tired hands while working.

Suggested activities

  • Make seed balls with heirloom seed and our matrix and supplies. Gardeners who save their seed can have an emotional connection with the varieties they grow.
  • Make seed balls in the Winter! As a table-top activity, this is a great way to bring a feeling of spring a little earlier.
  • Windowsill gardening with herbs. Whether they make seed balls or grow with our nice selection of herb seed balls, indoor plants are good for the mind and body. They can taste pretty good, too!
  • Place the plastic bag containing the matrix in a large bowl of warm water and let it sit for a while before using. The matrix becomes warm, softer, and feels good to work with.

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