Why Green Gifts are Important for our Kids

earthdaygraphicGiving is a universal expression of love and affection. Even many animals are known to give and share resources and affection. We give to our children expressing love, support, and to provide opportunities for fun and growth.

Green gifts represent a deep hope, and also an honest admission to our children. Our generation and that of our parents have left a soured legacy. We’ve degraded the the planet, the most precious and irreplaceable resource that our children have for their future.

But there is something we can do to mitigate this damage. We can give our children the ethics, passion, and tools to begin to repair the damage. A tradition as fundamental to our core as giving and sharing is the perfect way to help our children care for the ailing Earth.

Consider the following in your Holiday shopping and activities

  • Indoor gardening supplies for those who are eager
  • Tools and supplies for gardening in the spring
  • Recognize the Solstice in your celebrations! December 21.
  • Green technology educational kits- solar power, wind power.
  • Things like bikes, kites, scooters, sporting goods that get kids outdoors
  • Use pillowcases, recycled paper, or simple wrapping paper that’s natural, un-dyed, unbleached for wrappings
  • Brightly colored quilting ‘quarters’ (1/4 square yard of printed cotton fabric) can be used year after year for wrapping small gifts
  • Binoculars, hiking boots, and backpacks
  • Books on nature. Kids love books that help identify plants and animals! They are full of pictures and great for browsing. Bird ID books offer year-round nature fun!
  • Bird feeders
  • Solitary bee hives
  • A trip to the Aquarium, Science Center, or Nature Center near you
  • And, of course, we’d love it, during this slow time of year for gardening businesses, if you shopped at our store! 😉

Gifts like this not only can help your child learn to value the Earth, but can also begin to show them achievable ways to treat it with love and respect.

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