Homeschool Competitive Grant Program

Bear Ketchum's foot and some ashes, representing the carbon impact of off-season and non-local produce.

Growing things with kids is good for the kids and good for the planet.

We’re pleased to announce our Grant Program specifically for homeschool families and Cooperatives. The beginning of each month, we will contact a winner from the previous month’s applicants.

Applications will be judged on the basis of educational impact, scientific rigor and scope, cost, and feasibility. Grants do not have to involve seed balls.

The following  materials are available for grant winners.

  • Seed Balls
  • Guerrilla Droppings
  • Seed Ball Matrix
  • Red Clay Powder
  • Wildflower seeds native to your area
  • Herb and Vegetable Seeds
  • Coco coir
  • Kokedama soil
  • Azomite micronutrients
  • Biochar

If you have questions, please email Dr. Blake Ketchum at

To Apply

The application is simple.

Copy and paste the following into an email to:

Contact Name:
Contact email:
Is this a Homeschool or a Co-Op?
Location zip code:
Number of students:
Age range of students:
Supplies requested:
Science Goals:
Step-wise description of the activity:
How will students document the activity?
Start Date:


You may apply each month, but if you win, you must wait 6 months before re-applying. Continental US only.

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