Gardening with Wildflower Seed Balls

Monarchs readily lay eggs on second year milkweed plants like this Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca).

Gardening with wildflower seed balls can be fun, simple, and rewarding, but it does require some planning. Planning requires some knowledge. Here are some wildflower basics and how we use seed balls to work synchronously with each wildflower species’ particularities. Shop for wildflower seed balls View a gallery of suitable wildflower…

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The r/K Continuum

From Ashes to Coconuts Biologists classify organisms in many ways: their taxonomy, their ecological niche, their mating habits. One fascinating classification scheme is called the r/K continuum. Two fine scientists, Robert MacArthur and E.O. Wilson (1967), developed the concept, which was popularized in the following decades.  It is a spectrum…

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