Kokedama - Moss Ball

Kokedama – Moss ball

Kokedama are an unusual, understated, and unsung type of bonsai. Suitable for indoors or out, they make a great activity for the long mid-winter.

We spend a great deal of time working with soil materials in our workshop, and sometimes, we come up with ideas besides making seed balls. Our seed ball matrix is quite formable, despite its high compost content. With some simple alterations, it makes great kokedama!

Here are some kokedama basics to get you acquainted with this Japanese tradition.

What are kokedama?

Paul works on his first kokedama.

Paul works on his first kokedama.

Kokedama are a low-brow form of bonsai, that involve spheres of moss either placed in a bowl of water and pebbles or hung from a string. Sometimes a plant is added to the ball.

A soil body is moistened and formed into a sphere, around which sheet moss is wrapped, and secured with twine.

It’s a fun and relatively simple activity, and we decided to market our kokedama soil and some other supplies through a new website: GreenDotKokedama.com.


Who’d Grow Kokedama?

A kokedama arrangement

A kokedama arrangement

Kokedama are great for small apartments, or for highlighting a window with green when you don’t have much counter space for potted plants. They are quite simple to make, and are great conversation pieces. Add some unusual plants to make them really shine!

Use different arrangements to compliment your interior. Line them up in a row, or vary their size and height.

Checkout or Kokedama Store!

Check out or Kokedama Store!


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